Friday, May 16, 2014

Fall of the Mushroom Kingdom: Chapter 1.1: Genesis

The rain clouds fell upon the caravan of slaves marching towards the docks that would ship them towards the labor camps of Yoshi Island. A man dressed in green garnments, with a peculiar mushroom symbol, sitting upon his black yoshi watched as the slaves marched towards the coast. All of them toads, prisoners of the Empire, former members of the resistance.

The green man grinned.


The alarm clock began to ring, a hand came out from below the sheets and turned if off.

- “Kat wake up!”- shouted a voice through a loudspeaker.
- “Alright already”- said Kat as she took the sheets off from her and sat down on the bed. She grabbed her pink hair and fixed it back on a pony tail. She stood up, changed into a dark armor with fire emblem upon its chest, grabbed her sword and left her room.

Kat rushed through halls filled with koopa troopas and toads, until she reached a big red wooden door. As she entered it, the room had a round table, with three chairs in one end and a single one at the other end. Sitting on the three chairs were Wart, Bowser Jr, and Toad.

- “Sit..”- said Wart, with a calmer voice than what he had used over the loudpseaker to summon Kat.
- “We have news of your sister, Ana”- said Toad.

A chilling cold ran through Kat's back.

- “She's been shipped to Yoshi Island... I'm sorry Kat, but she's out of our reach”- blurted out Bowser Jr.

Kat closed her eyes. Took a deep breath and said - “Then I will go to Yoshi Island and rescue her. I cannot simply stay here while she's brainwashed or, worse yet, tortured and killed in the mines of the Evil Emperor”-

- “Kat... you would be falling into his trap. You know he swore revenge on you”- said Toad.

- “Master Toad, I' am very well aware that the Emperor has a bounty upon my head. But I cannot just let her die”- said Kat as she banged her fists upon the table.

-“You are a high ranking officer of the Highguard. You are needed here child”- said Toad. Toad was dressed with his regular white with red spots hat, but had a long white beard, and a cane nearby. Toad was the only member of the late Queen's council still alive. - “You swore an oath to the New Mushroom Kingdom to restore the legitimate heir back on the throne. Will you let your sister's sacrifice be in vain?”-

Kat sat back on the chair, and sighed.

- “Subconian Highguard troops will do everything in their power to rescue Ana, or die trying. I promise you this, in the name of the Elders”- said Wart.


The Mushroom Castle could be seen in the distance. Goombas patrolled the streets of the Mushroom Kingdom. A platoon of Goombas was led by Boom Boom; his red shell wet from the constant rain, he marched down main street, towards the castle gate. The slaves of the Kingdom cowered in fear and closed the doors and windows of their houses as he passed.

As the Emperor's main general, Boom Boom was feared by all for his betrayal and killing of King bowser of the Koopa Kingdom. He delivered the head of Bowser to the Emperor as a gift and proof of his loyalty and obedience to him. Still, Boom Boom had a collar around his neck, which would inject fast acting poison directly to his brain, if he ever dared to betray his Emperor. After all, a traitor is always a traitor at heart.

As Boom Boom approached the castle, in the distance an airship could be seen. On the main deck, sitting at the captain's chair, a blonde, pink skinned koopa sat. Her pink shell barely allowed her to sit comfortably on the chair. Her legs crossed, and beside her a boomerang was placed on a special holding.

The door to the airship's bridge opened and two figures entered. One had white hair, using a white laboratory coat, and spectacles, the other seemed turtleish, with a red coat around his body, and a hovering station he also used spectacles.

- “Professor Elvin Gadd, and doctor Fawful, what brings you two wretched beings into my airship?”- said the female koopa.
- “Ah we come to offer our services to you, oh general Pom Pom!”- said E. Gadd. Fawful mumbled some incoherencies and E. Gadd replied - “Yes, yes... we will get to that later!”-
- “Your treachery is well known by the Emperor E. Gadd, I question why you are still alive”- responded Pom Pom - “but alas, you've yet to answer my question. What is your offer?”-
Fawful responded again with incoherencies, and E. Gadd said: “We have a machine that may interest you. I've called it the Gadd Gate, and I believe it may peek our Emperor's interest. But, alas, I cannot go directly to him... after our little disagreement”-
- “you call an attempt on the Empress' life a little disagreement? Hmmmm?”- said Pom Pom.
Fawful mumbled another set of incoherencies - “Quiet you!”- said E. Gadd to his companion. - “Dear Pom Pom, you musn't believe I would do such a thing! You been reading too much Highguard propaganda”-
- “You expect me to believe that the robot found attempting to murder the Empress wasn't of your creation? With GADD Industries label found in the inside of the contraption?”- replied Pom Pom.

- “Kamek... I found evidence he was responsible for the robot. I have proof, and I would love to present this to the Emperor, if you help me”-
- “Show me the evidence and I will talk to my husband about granting you an audience with the Emperor” replied Pom Pom.
- “I knew you were a reasonable servant of our glorious Emperor... I will have Fawful bring you the evidence as you have requested”- replied E. Gadd as he turned around and exited the bridge, followed suit by Fawful.

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