Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Science v. God: Does one contradict the other?

Atheism is a crutch for those who cannot bear the reality of God.
Tom Stoppard

The bible says in Job 42: 5 “I have heard of You by the hearing of the ear, but now my eye sees You.” The way things in the world are, I would most certainly feel compelled to deny my faith, yet I cannot do so. To deny God, would be, as to deny the oxygen I breathe. For once I only knew of Him, but now I can claim I have begun to know Him personally. I know a God that is as living as you, or me, and that talks, and interacts with humanity.

I did struggle for a time with doubts about God, mainly, I was angry at God, because I felt he was being unjust. I questioned, as many do, how could God permit bad things to happen to good people? Why would good people be sent to hell? The answer to these questions is simple: choice. God never violates free will, and because of our choices, he must allow things to happen. We choose to either accept Christ or not as our Savior, which is what determines where we will spend eternity, not if are good or bad people.

Why, you may ask? I ask… are we good or bad based on whose standards God’s or men’s? I believe those people who belief that God doesn’t exist, do so, because they have chosen to be their own god, and wish to not be held to God’s standard.  What I find fascinating with all these atheist beliefs is that, although they claim to not believe in religion, they are their own religion. Since their beliefs are based on their power, and their glory, they must continually re-assure themselves that God’s non-existence is truth, when all the evidence in the Universe screams the existence of God.

Even the staunchest scientist believes in the Big Bang Theory, the real theory not the TV show, though I’d definitely recommend the show. We can all agree that it is the most accepted theory about the creation of the universe. But the theory never explains what created the matter and energy, when even the laws of physics say that matter and energy cannot be created or destroyed in most normal cases. The bible says that in the beginning God created the heavens and the earth. So this whole science v. the Bible rivalry, I believe is misunderstood.

Science tells us HOW God did it, while the Bible tells us WHY he did it. Most miracles in the bible, like the ten plagues, have scientific explanations that prove that they happened and how. Many argue that if it has a natural explanation, it stops being supernatural. But, why would God not choose to use natural phenomena to make the point that He can control it? Are we to believe that at the same time that Moses is in Egypt demanding that Pharaoh free the Jews, that it just happened that the volcanic eruption in Santorini also happened?  

And coincidentally, because this massive eruption happened in the time frame that it did, the plagues that affected Egypt did so in the normal order one would expect them to happen. And Moses just somehow knew this eruption was taking place. Are we THAT naïve to believe that God would work outside of nature?

It is because I believe in God and His word, that I chose to set out on the path that was pre-determined by God before I was even born. Make no mistake, I chose to accept His path; I wasn’t forced nor am I forced to do anything regarding my faith. I chose to walk in faith because I understand that in the end, God’s way is better than my way. I chose God’s sovereignty over my life, and therefore I’ am not the master of my life, rather God is. His Spirit dwells within me and lets me know what is right and what is wrong, but doesn’t force me to do one or the other; I must still decide to choose to do what is right. Even if what is right is not what I was hoping, or if it goes against human logic, God’s logic is far superior to ours. Who are we to question Him?

I believe in Science, but I also believe in the Bible. One doesn’t contradict the other, even if by human logic, it would appear they do.

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