Sunday, October 9, 2011

I pray…

I pray to you Lord, in my solace, and in my community
I pray whenever my past decides to remind me of its ugly scars
I pray to you Lord because you are the center of my life
I pray that you help me grow and become the man you wish me to be

I pray so you help me understand
Help me understand how I can love someone
I feel like I’ve known my whole life,
Yet, I really don’t know…

I pray to you Lord, to help me understand
I pray that you will guide me,
I see her on my dreams,
So close, but so far.

Never have I dreamt so much about
Lord, I pray you keep her safe
I pray your fire surrounds her and her family
That you protect every one of their steps

Bless them Oh Lord,
For I fervently pray that you bless her
I pray, Lord, that you heal her wounds, and guide her steps

I pray Lord that no matter what happens
You give me the strength and bravery
To continue on to serve you. 

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