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War Unseen: Joseph's Initial letter

January 1st 2015


There are many stories, beliefs about the war unseen, my esteemed Professor Earnest, as you already know. Although I would have preferred to have this conversation in person, or at the very least over the phone, it seems that recent events have forced me to write to you through letters. As you already know, I have spent the last year in Israel studying several recent scrolls that came to my possession through contacts in the Jewish Historical Society.

Professor, what the scrolls say I still do not know, but, they are central to the reason as to why I’m writing these letters. At the moment, all I know is that a week after my friend David Levi and I began to translate the scrolls from Aramaic into English, the scrolls were stolen and David found dead in his apartment.

Had his murder been something one normally sees, I would probably not have gone through the trouble of writing this letter in pen and paper in the first place. Honestly, to this day, I’m still troubled as to what I saw that night. You might not believe me, but, as you plainly know, I’ am a confessed atheist, and have always sought to prove that God is just a fairy tale, developed to submit society to what the church deems to be moral or “truth”.

But, with recent events, I have, indeed begun to doubt on my own un-belief in God.

Everything starts with the gory scene in Levi’s apartment. David was crucified on an upside down cross, bled completely dry. His blood was used to make a circle and within a pentagram was drawn, again all with his blood. The upside down cross, and the pentagram, are all symbols used by occultists, as you already know, heck you are after all an expert in theological studies and religions of the world.

What was curious was the unusual pentagram. Within the pentagram, instead of a goats face, an Egyptian ankh was drawn, and on the wall a Jewish Star of David was drawn, with a circle around it. My first thought was to that lecture you gave shortly before my departure to Israel, about Jewish Cabala. In the lecture, you taught that cabala was an exotic mix of New Age mystical practices topped by a philosophical bent of Jewish supremacism.

I had not been inside the apartment 15 minutes when the Tel-Aviv police arrived and arrested me. Apparently, an anonymous tip was given about a terrorist Hamas cell meeting in the apartment, and what the police found left them shocked. I was questioned by inspector Ariel, about my involvement in the matter, and I told exactly what I’ am writing to you. All except the message David had left me on his tablet. All it said was to seek a certain rabbi, whom I later learned was a member of the messianic sect. Unfortunately, the good inspector had me tailed, and we would eventually decide to work together and meet Rabbi Josiah Malamed.

The good inspector and myself travelled to Jerusalem, where I’ am writing this letter from, even though the return address say Tel-Aviv. As we have found out, since we met Malamed, is that he is an expert in Jewish Cabala and wrote a book about the subject, which was highly criticized as a meritless work by the most conservative of Hasidic Rabbis.

I fear I cannot go into further details at the moment of what Malamed and Levi had discussed, just hours before the latter’s murder. Those who murdered Levi kidnapped Malamed and executed him in a similar matter.

Because of the knowledge I now posses, Inspector Ariel and I are in grave danger and must flee Israel to Paris, where we will be meeting with some contacts of the Historical Society. We hope that by us leaving Israel the pursuers might leave us alone, though I highly doubt it. I swear to you, they must have a way to track us, as they have found us in every hotel, safe house, and street we drive in. Never in my life did I dream of being shot at, during a high speed chase through the streets of Tel-Aviv.

Because I believe that they may be tracking us through the internet, cellular phones, and all land lines, this is the only way I know to be able to let you know that I’ am alive, regardless of any news you may have received.

Once in France, I will send another letter, but please do let my sister-in-law know I am alive.


Dr. Joseph Williams

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