Tuesday, February 15, 2011

The walking undead

Softly, slowly, sunrise, sunset
The tick of time on the second hand
Timeless smiles hiding dread
A red lipstick upon a lovers lip
Frozen grayish eyes,
staring into timeless space

Broken, simply broken
Smiles lead down a rabbit hole of despair
Where the weeping of the heart is drowned
Within laboring sighs
Of false broken promises

Work, eat, sleep, a machine
Man is just a cold steel built automaton
A heartless, nobody
Drifting undead here and there
A broken rose, with a thorn brush

Raping their souls, and their minds
Unable to think, to reason
Enslaved to their uncontrollable passions
Building castles made of sand
Upon a river that washes them away.

How simple life should be!
How complicated we make it to be!

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