Monday, February 14, 2011

Just a thought...

I sometimes think that people take life for granted. We wander every day, and we see smiles, and laughter, but what is behind those smiles? It’s like people wander around faking their deep gashing bloody wounds within their hearts. I walk and just see the necessity within people, and I find myself helpless to do anything, because they do not wish for anyone to truly help… besides I’m just a mere mortal.

The thoughts of man are too focused on the physical world. We look to satisfy our lust, our own sexual appetite, without any hesitation as to the possible outcomes. Man has been rushing forwards towards what we, in our own ignorance, believe to be truth. Falsely, we’ve hailed the comprehension of the deepest meaning of love, believing, that within our own self righteous thoughts: we’re good, therefore we earn heaven.

Daily we drift farther and farther into the darkness of the void, blinded, not by blinding light, which in our ignorance we believe it to be so, but by a world placed upon our eyes to confuse and to disorient us.

Many are those whom have been called by the Voice of Truth, yet time and time again we ignore it. If anything at least tries to understand that the void is real. Try to picture a place of pure darkness, where not even the orange flames of fire give of light. Around you, you hear the screams of pure agony of the souls whom have arrived before you, and even if you fight and struggle you feel you’re being pulled deeper and deeper into such void. Once thrown into the pit you feel sprouting from within you worms that eat you from the inside out; our own sins taking the price of our own actions. Imagine the worst type of torture, and it will probably be there, in that place.

How many souls have been lost to the Void, and I walk around this earth unable to do anything. To talk about the Truth is to be considered insane, whereas more insane are those whom flee and flee, avoiding anybody whom can make themselves confront themselves. For it is not God, in His mighty wisdom whom sentences us into the hellish pit, but ourselves; we’ve been lied to, by our own thoughts, by other voices emanating from elsewhere. We condemn ourselves, because we choose to ignore Him whose blood was shed.

We believe, we believe… what is it that man believes? To believe in ourselves only leads us down a path of ignorance because we fail to understand Love. To understand Love, to believe in Love, to feel Love, to be with Love, is to know the Truth. Love is not sex, nor is it being right, or wrong. Love is, understanding, that God is Love, and that because He is love, and because he loved us first, we can love back in return.

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