Friday, September 19, 2008

Mein Kampf
It is an irony of life
That out of my own strife
A Nazi like term
Should be favored to serve
The indignation
Of my own nation
The Civil War
That inside me rages far
My soul being crushed and divided
My spirit from all sides being attacked
My flesh leading the attack
Like a hungry wolf pack
Ya mis rodillas no aguantan más
Ya secas están mis lágrimas
Esta adición
Que no aprende lección
La adición de mi propio ser
¡Ya no encuentro que mas hacer!
It’s a cycle that comes and goes
One tries not to think on hoes
But the mind targets them like gold
When the spirit yearns for a mold
I’ am tired of the masturbation
That goes on in the nation
I’ am tired of the apathy
That has consumed the sympathy
Mein kampf Mein kampf
My struggle, my struggle
I know that I have Him beside me
And that nothing will dominate me
Pero es difícil de entender mi calvario
Es difícil de entender mi relicario
Quiero decapitar al monstruo
Para que jamás vuelva a revivir.
Goliat, Goliat pronto caerá.

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