Friday, August 22, 2008

The Silence
The echoes of the past were heard in the soft chilling breeze that caressed the treetops of the town. A large Victorian like house stood near a leafless oak tree that stood as a silent guardian, a monument of things past. Large greenish skyscrapers could be seen far away, at a first glance they seemed to be mountains, but as the thick gray haze was dispersed by the rays of the sun the figure of buildings could be appreciated.
Death had been the only resident of this forsaken land for several years. It now wept, for it had no more souls it could claim. The eerie melody that the wind howled was a constant reminder of the absolute silence and the desolation that reigned over the barely visible bones of the inhabitants of the region. The wind carried the culprit; a bacterial pandemic had spread, and the only solution the inhabitants could find was that for those not infected to leave the region. Those infected were quarantined within the area and then…
Silence has ruled this desolate land for hundreds of years. Not a sign of its original inhabitants could be seen; maybe they were all but forgotten by the new order. Silence, silence and death are all that remain.

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