Thursday, March 13, 2008

If life were a musical
Si la vida fuera un musical…
Streets be filled with men in tights
For we are men, we’re men in tights, tights!
If life were a musical
We’d be like West Side Story
Who’s the pretty girl in the mirror there?
What mirror where?
Or we’d be living in Argentina
¡No llores por mí Argentina!
High School would be a musical
Were sports would be synchronized
And we’d be get’cha, get’cha heads in the game
We got get’cha, get’cha; get’cha head in the game
Yes, life is indeed a musical
Filled with Little Mermaids
Under the sea, under the sea
Or filled with magic lamps
A whole new world
La vida no es un sueño
Pues los sueños son sueños
But life… is still not a musical

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