Thursday, February 7, 2008

The response
I come up to this girl
Hoping for a response
Se sonríe conmigo
Damn is she cute
Great legs
Fuertes y caderona como buena latina
Her smile is heavenly
Her earthly green eyes, staring at me
Late mi Corazón rápido, rápido, rápido
I can’t hold my heart any longer!
Pictures of me waiting at the altar
Pictures of her walking down the aisle
The sounds of our first orgasm
The intrigue of knowing if it is also her first time
Listening to our firstborn being born
Cleaning her tears and kissing her lips
Seeing ourselves growing old
Having a RIP sign
Saying loving couple rests here
Travelling to distant lands
And exploring mysterious places,
I do, I do, I do
I’d love to cry it out!
Scream her name to the heavens
God if I only knew her wondrous name!
Her hair; Liso como los ríos
Dogs, cats, and even roosters
I hear this entire ruckus!
I start muttering
H…H…. Hi!
I tried to say
She just walks right past me
I look back
¡Qué jodienda!
That goddess of a girl,
That sweet smelling, diamond
Turns out….
She turns out to be a lesbian…

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