Tuesday, February 19, 2008

La dulce vita… incoherencies
Sweet, short, fast
Así es que la vida corre
Sweet, short, fast
That’s just how life is!
Sweet, short, fast
The big guy and the little guy
Joining up
to screw the middle class;
For there’s no such thing as class
And life’s fragile as glass
And as clichéd as mass
Sweet, short, fast
La eterna sociedad
Slow and strife driven
Like a Traffic Jam
We want to speed up
But when we do we crash
Queremos vivir a las millas
Living just as we drive
Sweet, short, fast
And Bang…
There comes the bullet
from the forgotten
There comes the cry
Of regret, of pain
Of Suffering,
Sweet, short, fast
We want to succeed
But we don’t stop
To see the mess we made.
Broken arrow
Broken families
In this splendid little war
Called life
Sweet, short, fast
Living life on the go…
Welcome to Wal-Mart!
We’re now attending patient number…
Sweet, short fast
Sweet, short, fast
That is how we live our lives.

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